sound samples from the megaphone collection

To download these samples, you need a program that supports AIFF
sound files- such as Live Audio Plug-In

1.The Dramatics Soap Breath

2.The Can Openers & The Band Played On

3.The Jaunties Myoclonic Twitch in the Key of h

4.Happy New Year The World's a Show

5.Jason Willett Jad Fair Gilles Rieder Down to the Sea in Ships

6.The Dentures, 10 inch voice Chase Loop

7.The Dramatics, Hypnotist Geese Tape

8.The Honkies, Who Eats? Dance in Mad Shoes

9.Jon Rose, Violin Music for Supermarkets Techno Soap

10.99Hooker White Musik 4 Jazz People Machine Man Begins Anew

11.The Recordings Uct Bile Moure Str

12.Kraldjursanstalten Breda Rafflade Gummidack

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